Sunday, 12 February 2012

janetl621's Favorites | foodgawker


janetl621's Favorites | foodgawker

I have found the coolest site. It's called foodgawker and it picks and chooses from multitudes of food blogs and then posts some amazing recipes. These are just some of my favorites (click on the link above and you'll see). The pictures look good enough to eat on most of them and some of the links have taken me to a lot of fun new blogs. There's so many really interesting people out there doing some really interesting things with food! This is really widening my horizons...and probably other parts of my anatomy! Ah well, that's life for a foodie! Between this site and Pinterest, which I have literally fallen in love with...oh my goodness...(I'll blog more about this soon but you could check me out there at!), I have not moved from the computer all Sunday afternoon/evening. Good thing Robbie got a frozen lasagna for dinner!

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